I’m back

Great friends push you to be your best self. Yesterday I got caught by a friend talking about this blog but I hadn’t done anything here in a while even though I’ve been writing every day. She asked,”why not?” “Why not?” Huh, well guess I don’t really have a good reason. Because I found myself wanting to perfect everything first? Which isn’t that exactly the point of inaction I was.

Inner Circle – What Extended Family Is To Me

My goal here on my personal website is to share progress as it happens. “Document. Not Create.” as Gary V says. Lately it’s fallen to the wayside as my priorities have been being here in MN helping friends with their baby and prepping for the to-be-newborn. It didn’t seem like I had much to report because I wasn’t focusing as much time on my business while here but that’s not.

Week 6 Day 7 Training

30 min ruck with 20 lb.  It’s stressful when I get though the day and haven’t gotten a workout in.  I swapped today and tomorrow’s workouts so I could squeeze one in today even though the sun was down. Thankfully the weather has warmed up! It’s an amazing 40 degrees!  The plan is to go to sleep early and get up early to get a workout in before the little.

Week 6 Day 6 Rest

It was an exhausting day. We had an adventure at the aquarium where I spent lots of time chasing down the little 14 month old Nicolai. That counts as exercise, right?

Week 6 Day 5 NRC Training

Burpee Beach from Nike Training App I hate burpees. I struggled hard here. I wanted to give up multiple times. The palms of my hands are sore from lifting the 20lb weight so any exercise putting pressure there is a bit painful right now.  My advice is to take short breaks as needed. Just don’t quit! And to my awesome friends cheering me on, flattery is great! It keeps me.

Week 6 Day 4 Training

Nike Run Club Tempo Run 1.25 miles at quick pace Finish yesterday’s workout means a minimum of 40 reps: view details here It was 13 degrees out during my run which made this a first for me. I’ve never been a runner so this would have never happened previous to this training. Maybe I would have ran on a treadmill inside where it’s warm but that wasn’t an option here.

Week 6 Day 3: Training

80-100 shoulder-to-shoulder sandbag reps (Left to right, then right to left = 1 rep) Do in as few sets as possible. For every break, 60 second FLR. The main change here is doing an FLR because I’m traveling in place where I couldn’t find 50m for bear crawls in time and didn’t want to skip the workout.  Also I’m not feeling super confident with my arms after this past week’s.

Week 5 & 6 Rest Until After Travel

At this point it’s been determined that I probably did A) too many push-ups and B) with a bad form. My arms have been like zombie arms barely able to bend. Even after a girl’s day out at the spa on Week 5 Day 7, I found that the hot tubs and saunas brought little relief because certain muscles were flat out fatigued. Now I’m flying across the country so.

Week 5 Day 4 Rest

Wow, lots of rest this week but between back pain and sore shins mean I need to stretch more. I’m guilty of not always stretching after workouts. Possibly pushing a little too hard to fast as well. Hmm… 

Week 5 Day 3 PT Test

2 min push-ups 2 min sit-ups 2 mile run Let’s compare my last results: 11-10-16 13 push-ups (from the knees) 42 sit-ups 25:06 Drum roll please!! Today’s results: 1-31-17 21 push-ups (from the knees) 43 sit-ups 23:32 Improvement, folks! It’s happening!

Week 5 Day 1 & 2 Rest

It’s been a week of sore, tired legs so no surprise it’s two days of rest for me. Back to it tomorrow! -DON’T F*CKING QUIT!-

Week 3 & 4 GORUCK Training Recap Video

Week 4 Day 7 Nike+ Training

Wake Up Warrior exercise set in the Nike+ Training app Some of these were too hard for me to do but it felt like a good set to do since my legs are still sore.

Week 4 Day 6 Nike+ Training

Floor to Core exercise set in the Nike+ Training app Honestly I thought most of these were fun to do. Some of the stretches were clearly what my legs needed. It is possible that my normal stretching routine isn’t doing enough if I’m running every day. It always feels like I should stretch more which is probably true because I find it kind of boring. The plank saw exercise was.

Week 4 Day 5 Rest

You know that day when you’re so sore that you have trouble waking up? Yup, that was me today. My legs are screaming at me so light stretching and resting up today.

Week 4 Day 4 Training

4 x 400m run 2 min rest between each 8 x 200m run 90sec rest between each This was tough since I’ve been running so frequently. I did hit a nice stride around the 5th 200m run which I’ll tell you about in my end-of-week video. Ugh I was so tired though and honestly considered quitting at the 6th run. Of course knowing that I didn’t die and how good.

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