Inner Circle – What Extended Family Is To Me

My goal here on my personal website is to share progress as it happens. “Document. Not Create.” as Gary V says. Lately it’s fallen to the wayside as my priorities have been being here in MN helping friends with their baby and prepping for the to-be-newborn. It didn’t seem like I had much to report because I wasn’t focusing as much time on my business while here but that’s not.

Back from family adventures 2016

Back from my travels, today is catching up day. It’s not discouraging as it used to be to come back to a full inbox of emails. I do what I do so that I can have that time with family. These next few months are going to be head down focused on work and making new connections in my new city. Hello, LA!

Welcome to PaninaPress

Sincerely welcome to my blog. You’re probably reading this after you’ve read one of my other posts or discovered me via some social media channel. Which means you probably know I write on topics from physical fitness to branding to software development to networking. It’s a broad range of topics but let me frame it to you as getting to know who I am, the ABCS of Nina. These ABCS.

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