Inner Circle – What Extended Family Is To Me

My goal here on my personal website is to share progress as it happens. “Document. Not Create.” as Gary V says. Lately it’s fallen to the wayside as my priorities have been being here in MN helping friends with their baby and prepping for the to-be-newborn. It didn’t seem like I had much to report because I wasn’t focusing as much time on my business while here but that’s not quite accurate.

“Everything I do is to prep my life for vibrant adventure which includes my future children.”

Being here reminds me how important, both given and chosen, family is to me. And how absolutely appreciated it is to have an extra set of hands to cook dinner while one parent is at a doctor appointment with the little one and the other is busy at work. Or cleaning up a room full of toys which is an easy task for me as I’m more mobile, being that I’m not pregnant. It’s not that they can’t do these things, they would still have eaten dinner and the toys put away but it’s about focus and peace of mind.

Everything I do is to prep my life for vibrant adventure which includes my future children. Finding my inner circle, who support each other without hesitation or wondering what they get out of it, is incredibly important to me, because they are the extended family that my children will grow up with. They reflect the same values but provide support from different walks of life. It takes a village as they say and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Cheers to lifelong relationships.

Nina Pacifico

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