Week 6 Day 3: Training

  • 80-100 shoulder-to-shoulder sandbag reps (Left to right, then right to left = 1 rep)
  • Do in as few sets as possible. For every break, 60 second FLR.

The main change here is doing an FLR because I’m traveling in place where I couldn’t find 50m for bear crawls in time and didn’t want to skip the workout.  Also I’m not feeling super confident with my arms after this past week’s issues. My arms were shaking during each FLR and I don’t want to over do it again so I finished at 42 reps and will resume the rest tomorrow.

We’re adapting GORUCK’s 6 week training plan into a more manageable plan for myself over 12 weeks. You can find it here: GORUCK training plan.

Nina Pacifico

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