Week 6 Day 4 Training

  • Nike Run Club Tempo Run 1.25 miles at quick pace
  • Finish yesterday’s workout means a minimum of 40 reps: view details here

It was 13 degrees out during my run which made this a first for me. I’ve never been a runner so this would have never happened previous to this training. Maybe I would have ran on a treadmill inside where it’s warm but that wasn’t an option here without a gym membership. You would know I’m from warmer weather when you saw me out there cursing because I had hand warmers but had forgotten my gloves inside. Sure, I could have gone back inside but half the battle to workout in the cold was getting outside to the trail. Looking back at the icy sidewalk, I thought, “Too late to turn back now.”

The trail only had a few icy patches and my running buddy, a German Shepherd named Athena, made the running part relatively easy and fun. On our way back to the house I took out my phone to check where we were and I kid you not, the phone died from being too cold! Tomorrow if I do an outside workout I’ll take pictures before or maybe open another hand warmer for my phone.

Ok, so the hard part: the shoulder-to-shoulders workout. I think carrying around a 20 lb baby has really helped, because there were moments when I lifted the weight above my head and it felt almost easy. Most sets were only 3-4 reps at a time though so please don’t think I was powering through it. During the FLR, my arms were shaking to the point I was checking the time only to see 20 seconds of the 60 had passed. My arms feel sore now so we’ll see how they are tomorrow. Meanwhile from the run my legs are felt great to be stretched.

We’re adapting GORUCK’s 6 week training plan into a more manageable plan for myself over 12 weeks. You can find it here: GORUCK training plan

Nina Pacifico

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