Welcome to PaninaPress

Sincerely welcome to my blog. You’re probably reading this after you’ve read one of my other posts or discovered me via some social media channel. Which means you probably know I write on topics from physical fitness to branding to software development to networking. It’s a broad range of topics but let me frame it to you as getting to know who I am, the ABCS of Nina.

These ABCS represent areas of responsibility in my life: Athleticism, Business, Coding, and Social. Reading my posts, you’ll get the woman who has a goal board on her wall with pictures and empowering words. You get a woman with a productivity system with daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins to make sure actions are taken toward these goals. There are monthly goals for each of these areas of responsibility.

Heavily inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, this blog is documenting my journey and my process. Acknowledging to the universe, my pursuit to be a successful network marketer and to help others create their own financial freedom.

My belief is that the trend toward personal branding means that this will become a much more lucrative and understood profession. This is my predication and I’ll write more on this later.

Nina Pacifico